Tiered rates for your capacity needs

Our competitors may be able to beat our prices but they cant beat the value we provide as the most feature rich switch on the market today. 


2,000 – 9,999



10,000 – 14,999



15,000 – 19,999






Many of your peers already have. Our 100% retention rate proves they don’t regret it.

Whats in it?  

At the heart of our solution is a powerful and intelligent network infrastructure boasting a 99.999999% uptime. 

This provides the foundation for us to develop cutting-edge solutions designed to meet the needs of every carrier.

In addition to our robust and reliable network, our software design is second to none. From critical business operations to advanced traffic customizations SipNav’s capabilities and features are always evolving, ensuring that you’r business is provided the best and most advanced solutions on the market.

Industry Leader

A soft switch in a hard switch body. Since our launch in 2015 we have been changing the industry views of a soft switch. From the reliability of our network infrastructure to cleaner traffic and higher profits SipNav has been the switch of choice for some of the biggest names in the telecom. 

Compliance Tools

We have every blocking feature you need and ones you never thought you needed. Contact us today if you want more information

Advanced Routing Logic

Most switches can set a port capacity for a customer, or a carrier… that’s easy. SipNav allows for granular changes between a specific account to a specific carrier based on Ports, CPS, ANI Ports, ANI CPS, LATA Ports, LATA CPS and many other detailed routing choices to best manage your traffic.


99.999999% uptime, our network dependability has proven to be one of the strongest in this space.

High Standards

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Customer Support

SipNav is filled with telecom experts and that includes our customer support team which is second to none.

Our number one priority is always the success and happiness of our clients. It doesn’t matter the time of day we will respond to you immediately.

Big Data Analytics

You wont find more stats readily available to you than what SipNav provides. We also provide you over 90 datapoints from each call in and out of your switch in your daily CDRs. 

Custom Branded Interface

SipNav runs incognito. This is your switch, your customers, vendors and agents. Each of these relationships has their own interface with individual logins customized with your company branding. 


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Intelligent Design

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There are no bad questions. If you ever need something, reach out. We will always be here to help.

How does onboarding work?

Migrating from one switch to another is a definite undertaking, at SipNav we get that. Once you have signed up, we will be in constant communication. We will do 1 on 1 training and group trainings, whatever works for you and your team and as many times as your company needs.

Together we’ll build some accounts and carriers, get some traffic passing so you can become familiar with the process, stats, investigating tools, etc. Most importantly, this introductory approach of ours will never end, we will always be here for any questions you have or to even help train new employees you may hire. 

Is there anything required of me to start?

Besides the typical KYK form, there will be some minor domain DNS settings that need to be updated on your end in order to gain access to your branded interface. These are very simple, we will give you specific instructions and are happy to hop on a call to help you through the process.

How does STIR/SHAKEN work on SipNav?

STIR/SHAKEN is very simple inside of SipNav. All you need is your KeyStore (Cert, Public Key, Private Key). Once that is loaded, you can customize attestations based on individual DIDs, groups of DIDs and by account.

Chris, Range Telecom

The margin went up 42% in my carrier trunk and my ASR doubled. Only difference was moving to SipNav.

John, OesterLink

SipNav is providing the solution for carriers that want to grow their business while doing it safely and securely.

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