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SipNav Switch Client



Out of network carrier 


$500 /m


Below are some simple steps along with links to help you get started

Step 1 : Aquire 499 ID

Most of you will already have this and can skip to Step 2.

For those of you that don’t already have a 499 Filer ID lets first make sure you have been issued an FRN ID by the FCC, a prerequisite for filing a 499A. If you do not have a FRN ID you can register for one here.

If you do not already have a 499 Filer ID you will need to fill out an FCC Form 499-A to register with USAC. To begin the registration process, access the USAC E-File Login, scroll to the bottom of the page, and select the option “Create an account”.  From the resulting ‘Who Am I’ page, select ‘Service Provider – 499 ID’.

Source: FCC
Source: USAC

Step 2 : Request an OCN from NECA

 cCostsNECA assigns all company codes based on ATIS-0300251.2007, Codes for Identification of Service Providers for Information Exchange, and the North American Company Code assignment procedures.

They have many categories which you should review before submitting your application but most of you will register your OCN under Internet Internet Protocol Enabled Services (IPES)

What you’ll need to provide NECA

  • Legal document (e.g., Articles of Incorporation with state seal or stamp, state registration, etc.) as proof of existence and to reflect the telecommunication service provider’s legal name.
  • For IPES: Proof of service and customers, e.g., interconnection agreement (or evidence of an interconnection order pursuant to an approved tariff) and contractual agreements with end-user customers. Or, regulatory administration approval, if applicable

Estimated Standard Costs 

  • $475 per code
  • Codes are assigned within 10 business days from the receipt of all required documentation, including payment.

Estimated Express Costs 

  • $600 per code
  • Codes are assigned within three business days from the receipt of all required documentation, including payment.

Source: NECA

Step 3 : Apply for a token from iConnectiv

To to receive a token you must complete and submit a registration form with iConectiv the STI-PA via their website.

In order to complete your registration you will need:

  • The aggregate revenue dollar amount from lines 423 or 514 of your most recent FCC Form 499A.
  • Your registered OCN provided by NECA
  • Any additional OCNs and RespOrg IDs that the SP wishes to request SPCs with
  • SPC Token Expiry timer value
  • Billing information
  • IP addresses for whilelisting for production and staging.
    NOTE: These will not be your SipNav proxies, these will be the IPs between your STI-CA (ex: Neustar) and iConnectiv

Source: iConectiv

Step 4 : Select a Certification Authority (STI-CA)

 CAs will be responsible for assigning digital certificates to authorized service providers that will be used to ensure calls get proper caller ID. There are many CA’s that you can choose from. If you are a SipNav client you have the freedom to use any that you want. For ease we recommend Neustar. They have gone through this process for most SipNav clients and have it nailed down and simplified.

To get a certificate, service providers need to submit a certificate signing request (CSR) and send it with their token (provided by iConectiv)  to the Certificate Authority.

NOTE: If you have a SipNav switch, you do not need to sign up for any other products they may offer. All you need is to obtain the certificate. We will handle everything else.

Also, certificates do expire between 30 days and 1 year. We suggest choosing the 1 year expiration. There is no need to continually uploading new certs.

 Source: Neustar

Step 5 : Send SipNav your KeyStore

Each STI-CA will provide you a shared cloud storage folder containing all of your certificate files. Another positive to using Neustar is that they can share this folder directly with SipNav so you never have to worry about it.

SipNav will need:

  • Certificate
  • Private Key
  • Public Key

As soon as we have those items you will begin signing calls based on your desired attestations.

Chris, Range Telecom

The margin went up 42% in my carrier trunk and my ASR doubled. Only difference was moving to SipNav.

John, OesterLink

SipNav is providing the solution for carriers that want to grow their business while doing it safely and securely.